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Writing Twenty Novels (in Ten Easy Steps!)

During a recent telephone conversation, I mentioned having sent off the last revisions for my twentieth novel, “Great Sky Woman.” There was a silence on the other side of the phone, followed by th........ Read More

Buy Fantastic Novelty Chairs

Novelty chairs are stylish chairs which are based on modern designs and patterns. These chairs remain available in market in many attractive shapes and colors. The various kinds of novelty chairs whic........ Read More

Fascinating And Novel Pets: The Turtle

Do you remember reading children’s books with turtles as the main pet? Children adore turtles as pets. They are very interesting creatures and there are many species. When you decide to have a tur........ Read More

Don't Give Up On Writing That Novel

Think it's hard to get a novel published? For most writers, it is - but it's certainly not impossible. I've had two hit the shelves-in 10 countries, and with book club and movie rights picked up. Peop........ Read More

Writing A Novel On Your Lunch Hour

Okay, so I didn’t really write a whole novel on my lunch hour. But I did develop a lot of the characters, locations and plot by taking a half-hour out of each workday to sketch some ideas. You’d b........ Read More

Get Your Hands Dirty! Historical Research For Novelists

For over a decade, while I was developing my writing skills, I had the great good fortune to work at a large outdoor ethnic museum near Milwaukee called Old World Wisconsin. This historic site includ........ Read More

Hydroponics - A Novel Blessing Of Science

The term hydroponics stands for the technique of cultivating plants in a nutrient solution rather than in soil. It’s a novel technique of growing plants in water which contains dissolved nutrients. ........ Read More

How To Write A Novel The Easy Way

How to write a novel the easy way? Can it be done? Absolutely. Learning how to write a novel doesn’t have to be complicated. When you follow a step by step process, you can take the complexi........ Read More

Why Do So Many Lawyers Write Novels?

Ever wonder why so many lawyers write novels? And very successful ones at that? Just think of John Grisham and Scott Turow, both of whom have written exciting, entertaining stories that grab hold of u........ Read More

How To Write A Strong Start For Your Novel

I revised my Civil War novel Hearts of Stone many times before selling it to Dutton Children’s Books. My editor only had one major suggestion: Consider a new beginning. If you’re revising a n........ Read More

Write The Bestseller-kind-of-novel

“TAKE THE MYTH OUT OF BESTSELLER, AND WRITE YOU ONE!” When we see the word "Bestseller," it usually means selling a great number of books, starting around 30-50 thousand copies. Certain booksto........ Read More

Time To Write The Great American Novel

How many times when you was moving through the decades of raising a family and building a career did you say that you were going to write the great American novel when you retired? Now as you settl........ Read More

From Manuscript To Novel A Short Guide

What do you do now that you have finished that great manuscript? Many believe you can simply start sending it out to agents or publishers sometimes even both. However this is simply not true, just b........ Read More

Where Are A Novelist's Characters Born?

Have you ever been haunted by a character, one who inhabits your imagination for days, months or years? Acquiring a life of his own, he leaps from the page and burrows inside us. Think of Dickens........ Read More

Novel Writing Secrets Revealed!

Get Rich Quick Scams RevealedRead this article before you consider paying for a "get rich quick" program. From: Novel WritingEverybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, an........ Read More


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Comic Movie Character Video Character Creating Character
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Comic Movie Character Video Character Creating Character
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